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The flag of Uzbekistan

Blue is the Colour of the Turkic Peoples and also of the Banner of Tamerlane, Who Ruled an Uzbek Empire in the 14th Century. It is Asymbol of Eternal Skies and of the People as one of the Fundamental Sources of Life. The white Signifies Peace, the Traditional Uzbek wish for a Safe Journey and Striving for purity of Thoughts and Deeds. The Green Is the Colour of Nature, Fertility and New Life, as Well as Being the Colour of Islam. The red stripes of the Uzbekistan Flag stand for the Vital Force in All Living organisms, which Links Good and Pure Ideas with the Eternal Sky and Deeds on Earth. The Crescent Symbolizes the New republic. The Stars stand for the Twelve months of the Solar Uzbek Calendar and are named After the 12 Constellations, Reflecting the Astronomical Knowledge of Uzbeks in ancient Times