St Petrocs Day Flags

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St Petrocs Day is celebrated on 4th June in Devon. Historically, it is feast day of the venerated Saint Petroc, Welsh prince who was trained as a priest in the Ireland and then journeyed to Cornwall and Devon in 6th century in order to preach Christian word. Petroc was born in Wales and possibly is the son of Welsh King. He later died between Lanwethinoc and Nanceventon on his way to visiting the disciples out there.
The day of 4th June not only marks the times and life of Saint Petroc and the patronage of Devonshire, instead also marks a celebration of the country in itself. The Flag of Devon is well dedicated to Saint Petroc. The flag been designed by the Ryan Sealey was established as the winner of a competition that was organised By BBC in 2003. It represents the authentic traditional county.
The Devon flag is quite pleasing and of eye-catching design. Saint Petroc was borin in South Wales where he primarily ministered to Britons of Devon along with Cornwall and is associated with monastery that is named after him. His Shrine was situated in St Petrocs Church in Bodmin. St Petrocs Day is celebrated every year on 4th June.