St Georges Day Flags

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St. Georges Day
St George's Day is on April 23. Numerous English patriots, some of whom believe in the saint acknowledge it the most. St George became a saint about 400 years prior when he came in place of St Edmund the Martyr, a ruler who was killed by Norse warriors.
The streets are adorned with St. George flag buntings in honor of this dragon slaying Patron Saint.
The Flag
The St. Georges day flag is the emblem that Saint George famously wore on his shield and is believed to date back to the 12th Century. Legend has it that soldiers who were fighting at the Siege of Antioch in 1098 were helped by an unexpected army swathed in white, atop white horses, led by St George, St Mercurius, and St Demetrius.
Another Analogy
Englands flag is said to have come about when the kings of England and France decided on crosses for their symbols ahead of a crusade. While the English king chose a white cross, the French chosea red cross. England later adopted a flag with a red cross on white as its national symbol, though its not clear when. The red cross was also used by English soldiers in several battles during the 1300s. Edward I (1272 -1307) is the monarch credited with making the cross a national emblem.