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The flag of South Africa

The current flag of South Africa was designed in 1994, at the time of the first fully democratic election, being officially adopted on the 27th of April. The flag of South Africa takes its colours from the flag of the South African Republic, as well as the flag of the African National Congress. The flag on the right hand side has red, white, green white and blue. The green as it moves towards the hoist breaks into a Y shape with a black triangle on the far side, as well as a bordering yellow section too. The flag’s colours’ have no specific symbolism, but are to be used to represent the diverse and beautiful nature of South African society, and its rich and vibrant culture and heritage. A number of the colours are taken from flags that have historical links to South Africa, such as the Union Jack, the Netherlands’ flag and the old flag of the republic. We offer a wide range of flag related products such as bunting, table flags, hand flags, pole flags, car flags and pin badges in a huge variety of designs, all at extremely good value. In addition, we offer free and fast delivery, with our products being supplied from our warehouse in the UK, all with personal and friendly customer service.
The Flag of South Africa Combines the colours of the Boerrepublics (Red, White, Blue) with the colours of the African national Congress (Black, Green, Yellow), which Came to Power in 1994. The ANC is Shown as a Driving force Behind the Country's Convergence and Unification which is Symbolized by the "Y" Shape.