Six Nations Flags

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The Six Nations
The 6 Nations Championship is the oldest rugby title on the planet, going back to 1882. Initially held between the four United Kingdom nations - England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, it added France and Italy to the lot when France participated in 1910 and Italy participated in 2000.
The 6 Nations Championship takes place for over seven weekends amid February, March and now and again April because of the International entries of France, England, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Each group plays the other five once per season with a favourable home game in alternate seasons thus giving a sum of 15 matches for each Championship.
The Game Play
The 6 Nations Championship Trophy is introduced to the group who procure the highest scores in the season, with two points being granted for a win, and 1 point for a drawn match. If at least two groups complete the Championship with thesame score, the victor is settled on the distinctions between the match points of either team. If there is still no victor, at that point, it is granted to the group who made the most attempts during the Championship.
The Flags
The Rugby 6 Nations Flags are a lot of flags representing England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Italy & France. They are ideal for decorating a venue for a sports event featuring the six nations.