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The New Zealand Flag

The flag of New Zealand is the national symbol for the country and is a version of the Royal Blue Ensign of the Royal Navy. The Union flag in the top left-hand corner has been retained, despite a referendum proposing its removal. The people voted 57% in favour of keeping the British flag, recognising the historical importance of the British Empire, as well as the modern-day alliance that the two countries hold. The New Zealand flag also bears four stars, making up the Southern Cross, emphasising the countrys global location in the south Pacific Ocean. The flag we know today was first adopted in 1902 during the South African war. Prior to this, the Union flag was the official flag of New Zealand during times of British rule. This island nation is known globally for having beautiful scenery, as well as vivid culture surrounding its indigenous populations, as well as modern cities and world-famous beaches. We offer a wide range of flag related products such as bunting, table flags, hand flags, pole flags, car flags and pin badges in a huge variety of designs, all at extremely good value. In addition, we offer free and fast delivery, with our products being supplied from our warehouse in the UK, all with personal and friendly customer service.
On 23 October 1869 the current New Zealand Flag was Adopted as the Ensign of Government Vessels, and From 1902 it Has also Been the Civil and State Flag. The Fly is Charged with the Four Main Stars of the Southern Cross Constellation.