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The flag of Mongolia

The Basic Design of the Mongolia Flag Dates From 1940. in 1992 the star Surmounting the Emblem was Removed and the Design of the Ancient Mongolian Symbol, Soyonbo, Modified. The blue is the Traditional Colour of the Mongols and Other Turkic Pcoples was and the Two red Vertical Stripes symbolize the Double Joys of Liberty and independence. The Soyonbo is Accompanied by Several Other Ancient Symbols. The Arrowheads, Triangles, Pointing Downwards to the Enemy"; Enemies of the People". The Triangle Symbol of Straightforwardness, Honesty and Adherence to Principles. The Two Fish in Mean "Death Signifying "Death Two He is a the Centre represent Men Women.Asfish Never Sleep They are a Reminder that the People Should always be Vigilant for their Country. The Horizontal Bars Above and Below this Image Indicate that the Highest and the Lowest in Society Should be Honest and Straightforward in the Service of the People. A Vertical Bar represents a Fortress; the Two Bars Illustrate the Proverb "Two Friends are Stronger than Stone".