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The flag of Iraq

The flag of Iraq is made up of three equal, horizontal stripes with an Arabic phrase noted across the central stripe. The colours (red, white, green and black) are known as the Pan Arab Colours, each of the four colours representing one of the four historical Arab dynasties that made up the Arab World. The tricolour design has been in use since 1963, but with minor alterations having been made, most recently in 2008. In 2004, the flag was speculated to be changed via a competition, during the United States occupation of Iraq, but this never brought about any changes. The green typography in the centre reads God is the Greatest in Arabic. We offer a wide range of flag related products such as bunting, table flags, hand flags, pole flags, car flags and pin badges in a huge variety of designs, all at extremely good value. In addition, we offer free and fast delivery, with our products being supplied from our warehouse in the UK, all with personal and friendly customer service.
Since 1963 the Iraq Flag Has Been a Red-White-Black Horizontal Tricolour, with Three Green Stars on the white Stripe. During the Gulf War, the Revolutionary Command Council Chaired by President Saddam Hussein Decided to Place the Words Allahu Akbar ("God is Great") Between the Stars.