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One of the consequences of the Islamic revolution in Iran was the addition cf religious symbols to the Iranian horizontal tricolour. The central emblem is a composite of Arab letters in the form of four crescents and a vertical line in the middle. The five principal parts of the emblem represent the five principles of Islanm and togrther they form the word Allah. Other combinations of these elements represent the Book (Koran), the Sword (the symbol of power and solidarity), man's growth, the negation of all idolatrous values, the negation of all powers and super-powers and the struggle to establish a unified society. The symmetrical form of the emblem signifies balance and equilibrium. The words Allahu Akbar ("God is Great"), written in highly stylized Kufic script, appear 22 times to commemorate Bahman 22, 1357 (11 February 1979), the day of victory for the revolution