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The Flag of Honduras

The flag of Honduras was first adopted on the 6th of March 1866, based upon the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America. They adopted the colour scheme in 1823 when they first joined the republic, but added the five stars later in 1866, to represent each of the five original South American provinces. In a modern interpretation, it is believed that these stars remain in the hope that the nations will once again form a union. The overall flag is made up of three, equal, horizontal strips of blue, white and blue. The two blue stripes represent the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, as well as brotherhood and the blue skies. The white in the centre is to represent Central America being between the waters of the world, as well as peace and unity, and purity of thought. We offer a wide range of flag related products such as bunting, table flags, hand flags, pole flags, car flags and pin badges in a huge variety of designs, all at extremely good value. In addition, we offer free and fast delivery, with our products being supplied from our warehouse in the UK, all with personal and friendly customer service.
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