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The first French colony to achieveindependence, Guinea patterned its flag onthe French Tricolore. S€÷kou Tour€÷, the firstPresident of Guinea, stated that bychoosing the same colours as those ofGhana his country intended to show itsdedication to African unity. The coloursreflect the national motto "Work, Justice,Solidarity". The red is the colour of bloodand reflects the spirit of sacrifice and hardwork, and symbolizes the will for progressThe yellow is the colour of the gold ofGuinea and of the African sun, which is thesource of energy, generosity and equality asit shines on everyone. The green is thecolour of the vegetation, agriculture, theproductivity of the peasants and the spiritof solidarity in collective enterprises.Thus the three colours of the flag symbolizethe three bases of the republic: labour,justice and solidarity.