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The flag of Guam

The Basic Design of the Guam Flag was Approved 4 July 1917, and in 1948 a Narrow red Border Added. The blue Stands for the Pacific Ocean. The Seal is in the Shape of a Sling-Shot used by the Ancient Chamorros for Hunting and Warfare. It is a Symbol of the Protection and Endurance of the Home Government. The Seal Depicts a typical Landscape in Guam, Seen From the Mouth of the Agana River. The Lonely Coconut Tree Escaped Being Uprooted During the Destructive Typhoon of 1918 and therefore it Symbolizes Perseverance, Courage, Strength and Usefulness (Coconut is the Main Crop of the Island). in the Distance is "Two Lovers' Point" which represents Faithfulness to a Good Cause. According to Legend, Two Lovers Preferred to Kill the mselves by Jumping From the Point Rather than be Forced to Marry Someone They Did Not Love. The Outriggerc Anoe Recalls the Fame of the Native People, the Chamorros, for their Nautical Skills. It Stands for Bravery and Skill in Making the Best of One's Environment.