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The flag of Estonia

The Blue-Black-White Horizontal Tricolour Estonia Flag was Adopted on 29 September 1881 by the vironia, the Estonian Students' Association, and was Displayed in Great Numbers at national Song Festivals in Both 1894 and 1896. During the Revolutions in 1905 and 1917 it was used by the Populace as a national Flag, and When independence was proclaimed on 24 February 1918 it became the Estonian Civil Flag. in Estonian Folk Songs the colours of the flag symbolize the Sky (Blue), the Soil (Black) and the Aspiration to Freedom and hope for the Future (White). Another interpretation is blue for Mutual Confidence and Fidelity; Black for the Supposed ancestors of the Estonians, the Black-Cloaked People Mentioned in Herodotus histories, and white for the Snow that Covers the Country for Half the Year.