Easter Flags

Are you looking for a great Easter Decoration Idea? If so, why not shop our great range of Happy Easter flags and bunting in this section today. All prices online are inclusive of VAT & Delivery and delivery to your door is super quick.
Easter is celebrated on the very first Sunday post the full moon, after spring equinox. According to the Bible, Jewish Passover was the time when Jesus Christs death and the resurrection took place. This was celebrated on the very first full moon followed by the spring equinox. This led to greater celebrations for the Christians on different dates each year. It is a Christian holiday which celebrates the belief in resurrection of Jesus Christ. This event occurs three days post fructification of Jesus by the Romans. The holiday concludes which is a series of holidays and events which begin with Lent a whole 40 day sacrifice while ends with the holy Week. This includes the Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Sunday. For Western churches, earliest Easter falls on the March 22 while the latest is on April 25. Eastern Christianity bases the calculation on Julian Calendar. There is a 13 day difference between these Calendars. Christians celebrate this festival on a Sunday as this is the day when Jesus rose from the dead post crucification on a Friday two days prior. Easter Sunday marks the onset of Eastertide, better known as the Easter Season. Hence, Easter is a significant date on Christian Calendar.


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