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The Flag of Cameroon

The flag of Cameroon was adopted in its current format on the 20th of May 1975. It uses a vertical tricolour design of green, red, and yellow, with a yellow star in the centre of the red stripe. This star has been known to change size, but it always remains within the red stripe. The design incorporates the Pan African Colours, which were adopted by several African countries as European Colonists began to allow for independence. The last European reign over the nation was by the French, beginning in 1957 and ending in 1961. A new constitution was drafted for the newly independent country, which included the submission of a new flag. The original design used the same combination of colours, just without the star of unity, so called as it rests within the red band, said to represent the unity of Cameroon. The Cameroon flags other colours are a pastel green on the left, said to represent the lush forests of the southern regions, whilst the vivid yellow on the right-hand side is said to represent the bright suns on the golden savannahs in the northern regions. Therefore, the band of unity brings these two differing sides of the country together in a cohesive and unifying manner.
The basic design of the Flag of Cameroon is based on the French Tricolour and the colours (Green, red & yellow) are those of the Pan African movement. Cameroon was one of the first nations to adopt these colours in 1961. The yellow star was introduced to the flag when the country became one single state. The yellow colour in the flag is said to represent the sun, the source of the nations happiness
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