Polyester Bunting Flags are available in various length strips. 3m, 9m and giant 18m lengths, and is available in rectangle or triangle pennant shape. Buntings can be used for loads of different occasions to add a dash of colour and excitement to your event. Most strips of bunting and flags come with one flag design repeated multiple times across the length of the bunting, which is a popular option for promoting one country (Such as a Spanish Tapas night at a restaurant. This type of bunting is available in rectangle or triangle shape.
Another popular type of bunting available from NWFlags is mixed nations bunting. Mixed bunting is good for brightening up specific events. For example, our Rugby Six Nations bunting features England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France and Italy pennants repeated along the length of the strong material strip.
Unless otherwise stated, all our bunting is printed on polyester material, with the image visible on both sides, it is intended to be multi-use and can be used inside or outside.


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