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The flag of Azerbaijan

We have flags of Azerbaijan available in various sizes and of different materials. Perfect for celebrations or bringing some colour to your office, shop or business. Look no further than North West flags for Azerbaijan table flags, hand flags, bunting and Azerbaijan Embroidered patches. Manufactured to the highest quality is dispatched quickly and free of charge (UK only) from or office based in Lancashire, England.
The Azerbaijan flag itself is a horizontal tricolour, consisting of light blue, red and green, with the Islamic crescent symbol and an 8 pointed star found centrally on the flag. The current flag was re-adopted in 1991 Azerbaijan regained independence after the end of the Soviet regime.
The Main Features of the Azerbaijan Flag are based the flag Introduced in Autumn 1917 and used Until the Occupation of the Country by the red Army in 1920. The colours represents the Turkic World (Blue), Contemporary Life (Red) and the Islamic religion (Green). The Crescent and star is the Symbol of Islam. The Eight Points of the star stand for the Turkic Peoples : Azerbaijani, Ottoman, Jagatay, Tata, Kazakh, Kipchak, Seljuk and Turkoman.