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The flag of Algeria

The flag of Algeria is a design in the proportions 2:3, made up of two equal, vertical bands of green and white. In the centre is a large crescent and star image. This image represents the national faith being that of Islam, which uses this symbol on many national flags. The flag was first adopted on the 3rd of July 1962 after winning independence from the French in a 99.7% referendum win. The Algerian flag (slightly altered) had also been used previously by the revolutionary army, since approximately 1958, but this flag was never officially recognised. Its designer is disputed, but is believed to be Emilie Busquant, a French feminist and anti-colonialist. The north African nation is the 9th most populous in the continent, despite much of its land area being made up of the arid Sahara Desert. Most of the population live in the fertile north, closest to the Mediterranean coast, this being the location of the national capital Algiers. We offer a wide range of flag related products such as bunting, table flags, hand flags, pole flags, car flags and pin badges in a huge variety of designs, all at extremely good value. In addition, we offer free and fast delivery, with our products being supplied from our warehouse in the UK, all with personal and friendly customer service.
The colours of the Algeria Flag symbolize Islam(Green), purity (White) and Liberty (Red). The Crescent and star is a Symbol of Islam, with the Crescent Being More Closed Thanin Other Muslim Countries Because the Algerians Believe that the Long Horns of the Crescent Bring Happiness.